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Good Morning, I have a recipe that ranks #1 but no one ever makes it because it makes a lot of cookies. I would love to update the post, make the recipe smaller, and overall give it a “glow up”.

So clearly I am worried about messing with it. I don’t think it generates a lot of traffic so I wonder if I should go ahead and update it? (I feel like I just need someone to tell me it’s okay HAHA)

That’s a great question for the group here @austrianwithwuff!

I’m not going to give advice on this topic since it’s not my area of expertise. I know that people don’t want to touch something, like you said, because it’s that unicorn. But could you write a second post and do the version you described, linking to it?

Can you give us a peek at the recipe? I’m really curious about it.


Of course - here is the recipe: Gluten Free Levain Style Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Gluten Free Austrian

Ok, I’m not a chocolate fan but those look amazing! Great job on the photography. You explained the process and tips well too.

@austrianwithwuff If you’re not feeling comfortable altering anything, I would start by editing your recipe card and adding notes about the smaller batch option there. If you do decide to alter the post, put the notes about the smaller batch toward the very bottom. Since it doesn’t generate much traffic, it probably won’t do too much damage. How much traffic DOES it generate? And what keyword does it rank for?

So… I poked around and I think that recipe maybe get 100-200 visits a week. So it’s not a big traffic driver. I wonder if I should just jump the gun and update the entire post except for the google image (I learned google does not like when you update hero images)

Those cookies do look amazing! I see they only make 12 which really isn’t a huge batch - especially if they can be frozen. Have you tried cutting the ingredients in half to see how they turn out? Or even quarters? My recipes are geared towards 1-2 people and when I’m doing test recipes from other inspirational ones, I often play with the measurements and adjust accordingly to make sure the final product works before declaring the recipe done.

Maybe leave the recipe as it is; change out the chocolate chips to mint chips or white chocolate chips or add nuts, then adjust the measurements accordingly. This way you keep the original recipe intact and “borrow” from that one to make your new post about single-serve or small batch double chocolate chip cookies and can add internal links to both recipes.

Well it makes 12 6oz cookies which are a lot of cookies :crazy_face: And since gluten free ingredients are more expensive to begin with, people are hesitant to make such big batches. I will think about it but I think I will just go ahead and update the recipe.

I’m sorry I missed the part about the cookies being 6 oz each - those ARE large cookies!
I like your idea about making smaller batches because gluten-free products are definitely expensive…I look forward to the day the prices come down. Thanks for sharing your recipe - I sent it to someone I know who has celiac and know they’ll love them!

I wish you lived somewhere near us. I’d buy your chocolate cookies day in, day out. :yum:

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