Unwanted Re-Direction

I am hoping someone might have an insight that could help me with this problem. I just posted this in the Food Bloggers Central Facebook group but wanted to post it here too. I am losing ad revenue everyday this isn’t resolved.

My site is re-directing posts to my homepage that I did not set up at all. And it’s only re-directing for some people as I am still getting traffic to that post itself. It was a different post near Thanksgiving. Now that one is fine and a different one is being re-directed. I have cleared the cache myself, my hosting cleared the cache and it seemed to resolve but then again this morning still doing it. I disabled plugins to see if there was a conflict there and that didn’t help. This is the post in question - Costco Prime Rib & Standing Rib Roast Cost - Eat Like No One Else

I can open it in an Incognito tab and it works. I don’t understand why this is happening.

I am sorry that you are having that kind of trouble. I can´t really help but checked your link and it brought me to the post not to the homepage.

Did you check on mobile or desktop and what browser did you use if you can remember? We can’t find a rhyme or reason to why some people are seeing the post and some are getting re-directed. My wife’s phone she is getting re-directed to my homepage still.

I used desktop with the Firefox browser and just checked it on desktop with Google Chrome. Both had no re-directs. I wonder if some browsers cut out the .htm ending and re-direct therefore to the main page instead of showing a 404…

I opened the link on mobile (Google Pixel 6A using Chrome) and desktop (MacBook Pro on Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

I had no redirects, but I did have an issue on mobile.

The cookie consent popup did not align with my screen, I had to scroll down and across to the right to find the consent window. After accepting cookies, the page loaded, but it was roughly three times the width of my screen. I had to scroll left again to get to the content.

It is as though the site has three columns, with the header spanning all three and the content only being in the leftmost column. Refreshing did not resolve this.

(I took a few screenshots, let me know if I can send them to you if my explanation is not clear enough.)

I opened another post randomly and it looked the same. But the homepage looked right.

You say that it is redirecting on your wife’s phone. Are the redirects happening only on mobile?

The re-directs at this point seem to be random as far as I can tell. Some people on mobile get re-direct like myself currently and some on desktop.

I don’t see any cookie consent popup on my end at all. Only when I was in California and it was on the side. Look at your profile you are in South Africa right? I am not sure how I would fix that.

I think cookie consent records your choice. So once you give consent, it does not ask again. I don’t get the cookie consent screen anymore, but I am still seeing the triple wide content on mobile.

But I was able to reproduce the redirect on desktop. I am going to email you directly to not spam everyone else in the chat.

Hey I just wanted to let you know I fixed the issue by changing hosting companies. Thanks for all the help and the emails you sent.