Understanding your Analytics

Hi Everyone!

I’d love to start a discussion on how you interpret and use analytics for your blogs! I have Google Analytics and search console set up, but I would love to get a better understanding of how to use the data from those services to improve my blog.

Do you have particular criteria that you focus on? Do you use the data to drive decisions you make around new content? Or do you use it to choose what old content to edit/refresh?

I feel like currently I just look at it and think okay last week was good or last week wasn’t great, but then I find it hard to drill down on why my page views were higher or lower.

Appreciate any advice or strategies you use!

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Amazing thread @mayaskitchendaydream !! I have both analytics and search console for my blog. I am still very new to GSC and not sure how to navigate it exactly. But I do check my analytics on a monthly basis to keep track of my traffic.

My goal right now is to grow my sessions and page views so I can apply to an ad agency. So I keep an eye on where my traffic is coming from with analytics. It’s great that it will tell me which recipe is doing best so I can see what I did there that I can possibly do again.

Thanks, @girlappetit ! Great to hear how you use the platforms and wishing you the best of luck with growing your sessions and pageviews! I was just looking at your blog, and it looks amazing. I particularly love how you’ve organized your recipes into different groups based on dietary restrictions.

Glad I’m not the only one who’s a little unsure of GSC - one of the things I do like about it though is that you can look at your most popular search terms.

I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but I think it’s normally easier for me to rank for keywords that are similar to other keywords I’m ranking for. I.e. if I’m ranking well for “whole wheat sourdough” I might also be able to rank for other whole wheat bread recipes.

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oh that is so interesting @mayaskitchendaydream – I have to spend some more time on GSC to try to figure out how it can possibly help me out.

Hey @megan !! do you have any tips or resources that we could check out to learn more about Google Search Console??

GSC can be great for deciding which content to republish. You can see your current average ranking and number of impressions and clicks to see which ones are in striking distance of a top 3 ranking. If you’re a brand new blogger, you might put that in your back pocket for later. If you’re like me and had your blog as a hobby for years before trying to make it into a business, it’s a great tool to see what posts you can improve and republish that will start to drive more traffic to your site.

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amazing feedback, thank you so much @Renee for this info! Super useful. I never really thought about going back to my old posts to see what could use some improvement. I will give it a try!

Google Analytics (GA) is great to show you where your traffic is coming from (Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc), exactly which pages that traffic is going to.

Go to Behavior → Site Content - Landing Pages, then once in that report, add a Secondary dimension of Acquisition → Source. That way you see the page the visitor first arrived at (landing page) and where they came from (search engines, social media etc).

Google Search Console (GSC) is for Google search engine data only and is full of keyword data for your existing pages. It takes a bit of getting used to slicing and dicing the data, but it is the first place I look when looking for new keywords for an existing page. Google is telling us what keywords it thinks the page is related to, sometimes you just need to refocus the page on a keyword that you are not quite ranking highly enough for, and voila, watch the Google traffic roll in! :slight_smile:

I use the Impression data as a proxy for search volume. It is not the same thing, the numbers don’t match, but it is all we have to work with inside of GSC. Put the keyword into your favourite KW research tool as well, but the numbers will never match.

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Amazing! thank you so much @Carl for this amazing information. Do you mostly use GSC to update old posts or do you ever use the date to create new content that ranks better?