Tool for making quote stand out?

I’ll be writing an article following a great interview I had the other day, and want to be able to highlight some of the notable quotes. I don’t like the way the default quote block in Wordpress looks – and at least in my implementation, the end quote is backwards, which drives me batty!

Does anyone have a plugin, block or something else they like to use to make a good quote pop out from the rest of the text?

You could just change the background colour of the paragraph block. You can have it any colour you like.

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I use the quote block in Gutenberg

The Blockquote element can be styled any way you wish by adding CSS.
No plugin needed.
Also, there are Thrive Content Builder is a premium WordPress plugin. It has 9 quote template options that you can customize for your needs.

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I agree with @Mel simply change the background color. Unless you really don’t like it still. I try to avoid adding additional plugins unless I really think they are going to benefit me a lot.

I should probably be a bit more cautious about adding plugins.

I’m curious if others have the same issue I do with the default quote block, or if it is related to my them or something. See how in the attached screen shot the end quote is going the wrong way? Bugs me, and overall I’m not wild about the look.

It’s not my favorite either but I don’t use it all that often myself.