To pop-up or not to pop-up?!

I’ve never had pop-ups on my site until recently when I switched over to Flodesk. I decided just to give them a try, despite what all the experts say about them being huge NO-NOs, especially from a user experience perspective. I put it up and just let it be for almost 2 months. I got close to 1,000 new subscribers from that stint.

I have to figure that there are people who see the pop-up, especially on mobile, and who click away annoyed. But… 1,000 new subscribers! That’s gold right there.

What are your thoughts on pop-ups and what has your experience been with using them?

They definitely convert well. (I mean “well” as opposed to say, an email sign up in the sidebar.) Honestly, as long as they are easy-to-close, you don’t have more than one and they aren’t super intrusive…I think users are used to them and it’s fine. And the more relevant the better. For instance, instead of a generic email sign up, have a relevant offer attached so the reader feels it’s valuable.

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This is such a refreshing response to the pop-up debate. Thanks for this, Bethany!