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Hey everyone. I have not been here in a REALLY long time so I’m sorry if this was discussed in this forum already. I’m wondering if there is anyone without feast plug-in that is having major success or should I bite the bullet and just get feast as well? I was putting it off forever and now the prices is up to $250 a year now. Any advice would be great!


I don’t use feast (I use the foodie pro theme) and make a full-time income with my site- enough to support our family of 6.

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I get this question quite a bit actually.

If your site is a business then I would definitely get it. There is a lot that the plugin does right out of the box.

While all the functionality of the plugin can be recreated in other themes/plugins, you will make more money by focusing your time on producing high quality content.

For example, if you save 100 hours of work by using the Feast plugin, how much is that time worth to you? “Pay” yourself a reasonable hourly rate, and you will likely come out significantly ahead. How much extra would you make from the content you can produce in 100 hours?

If your site is a hobby, then it would not be nearly as important.

I disagree with you, Carl. Not everybody who does not use the Feast plugin has a hobby website. I know plenty of full time bloggers who don´t use it and many bloggers who use the Feast theme and plugin who think that this is the magic bullet that makes a blog successful and wonder why this does not happening by simply install Feast. I switched to the plugin and theme last week and do not understand the hype. It´s a great product with excellent knowledge transfer but only one route to be successful as a food blogger.

Fair enough :slight_smile: As I mentioned all the technical functionality can be recreated in other ways. I have not come across ways that are cheaper or faster, which is why I recommend the Feast plugin to my clients who are looking for value for money.

Some people are very happy and able to spend significant sums of money on custom themes & coding. The Feast plugin is not for them.

It, or any theme, is only one piece of the puzzle. Definitely not a magic bullet. Still need good caching and hosting solutions to do very well on Core Web Vitals. Need high quality content that has been properly keyword researched. Need ads that do not take over the entire screen and drag down the site in other ways.

There is a lot that goes into getting every tiny SEO advantage and stacking them all on top of each other so your site does the very best that it can do. Good luck with it all. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your perspective - we need to know all the sides of the picture!

@Itaira know that Stephanie Rutherford of Stephanie’s Sweet Treats was just on the podcast and she shared that she really appreciated adding this plug in to her business as she’s growing. It’s good to get the perspective of your peers as you decide what to do!

Do you have any other questions about it we could get answered for you? It might help.

Here’s the link to the episode:

Hey, you have only purchased the theme right? It cost $19? How is it working and can a beginner set it up easily?