The 2020 GOOD List

I know there were a lot of difficulties, challenges, restrictions and uncertainty in 2020, but I want to hear about the GOOD things.

What were they for you?


2020 = I found your podcast. Which turned into me joining the community. :smile:
I decided at the beginning of this crazy year that I would turn my old site into a business. My health after cancer was finally better and my kids were all on their own now. Through the podcast I found Morgan to help me with my SEO…and off I went revising every old post and adding new key phrase content. It’s not been a fast turnaround however, I have just started running ads and have tripled my traffic so I am on my way. I have implemented other strategies I have learned from the podcasts. I have listened to all of them, some several times.
Thanks for the help in achieving my 2020 goal.


@Ginainga I LOVE THIS! I think you deserve a medal for listening to every episode. :smile: :medal_sports:

Nice work on digging into your blog in a new way in 2020. How amazing that your traffic has tripled! :clap:

We love having you as a part of the EBT community!!

2020 has been crazy, but even in the chaos, I noticed that I did more this year compared to last year and it is great.

  • I got an accountability partner :raised_hands:

  • Did a freebie and started growing my email list.

  • Reached 27k Monthly Pageviews.


Nadja, this is all amazing! I LOVE looking back over the course of a year to see how far I’ve come. I think we can all so easily forget (or just not see!) that we do make staggering amounts of progress from year to year.

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Well, 2020 is when @megan and I partnered up so that’s been amazing!

Overall most of the changes with being locked down and similar have worked out okay for me, obviously, some things are very frustrating, but I’m introverted and staying at home isn’t hard for me. I love that my husband now is working from home - no commute time! - and can help with the kids more.

Love hearing all of your stories!


2020 was actually pretty great (blog wise).

I qualified for Mediavine in April

I went from just over 3000 sessions last December (2019), to over 300k sessions this December.

I reached 5 million ad impressions for the higher pay threshold.

As of December I am able to give up all other revenue streams (VA etc) and JUST work on my own blog!


@deannah Those are some HUGE wins! Nice work!!!

Oh gosh - my wins are so small compared to some of these stellar and inspiring ones! I qualified for SHE Media because I just decided to not wait for MV anymore. I hope it will end up being an ok decision that I won’t regret but I figure I can always change when the time comes.

My other wins are more mental…I deleted Google Analytics from my phone bc I found myself being obsessed with it.

I focused on SEO but more importantly stopped worrying about all of these external metrics (Pinterest included) and started worrying more about my audience. That is my #1 goal for 2021 - focusing on creating high quality content with only my audience in mind. I know that sounds basic and but if I looked at where I was spending my time, it was more with researching the “hows” of blogging and not enough with the “doing” of blogging if that makes sense.

I started the year off with a reader survey to dig deeper with my audience on why they like my site and content and what I could help them with.

Wishing you all a successful and happy 2021!!



@LoriMurphy The mental aspect is the hugest part of blogging, in my opinion, so you’re on the right path! Obsessing about numbers can be so damaging and limiting. I love your new audience focus for 2021. That’s the way to do it!

And I think you’ll be happy with SHE media. I used to have their ads and they were always great to work with!

Thanks Megan! That’s good to hear re: She Media. Am having a few bumps with them regarding responsiveness but hopefully it’ll be ok!

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:crossed_fingers: Hoping it works out, @LoriMurphy …I know that @TarynS either works or has worked with them more recently than I have. She might be worth chatting with about them!

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Thank you for letting me know that! I’ll reach out to @TarynS for sure!

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I made more money in 2020 than any other year in my entire life by far. It was the first year, I didn’t have any months where I had to dip into savings from the bigger months to get by. And we made our dream happen of traveling the country in an RV.


Eric, this is AMAZING! Nice work!
:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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