Terrible food photos (the ones that remind me I've come a long way)

I ran across these AMAZING (by “amazing” I mean TERRIBLE) photos this morning that I took in 2010. They were the first food photos I ever took and put up on my blog. The sad thing is that I remember thinking they were pretty decent at the time. :rofl: :joy:

Don’t leave me hanging… share a food photo of your own that reminds you how far you’ve come!

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These are awesome :joy::joy:. I’ve got plenty like this!

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These ARE awesome! At least you knew to use natural light! When I first started, I thought it was ok to shoot with my overhead yellow kitchen lights. LOL


Overhead yellow kitchen lights made an appearance in a lot of my earlier photos, too. You’re not alone! :joy:

no worries, photos of food is nice. it really looks good.

Oh my gosh! I was just going through some of my progress shots the other day. It’s so fun to see how far you’ve come. This is the difference for my mexican style frittata

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Thank you for sharing! What a huge improvement!! @Overthespoonfor