Tax Deductions

Hey I am just wondering if any has an tax deductions for their business that they didn’'t think of right away or tend to forget about when filing taxes. I have basically had mine done for a while but I wait til near the end to pay just in case I come across anything I may have missed or didn’t know about. Like yesterday I remembered I didn’t include a hotel stay I did for the sake of starting my podcast, so I added that and it reduced what I owed by $52, Every dollar counts!

I am not of much help - I have a tax accountant that does my taxes so I don’t have to think about it much. :laughing:

Well, $52 could get you a new pair of shoes :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I missed anything. My husband does all my taxes (and we have managed to stay happily married after the end of every tax season). I have to be pretty diligent about logging my expenses in a ledger. If I don’t do it immediately after I make a purchase, I know I will forget so, I keep an app on my phone. There is no way I would remember an expense a year after the fact let alone a few days.

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