Taste Maker Conference Hotel?

I have looked all through my emails and their website and can not find a hotel suggested for conference attendees. I want to stay in the closest one that they suggest.
Has anyone seen info about this?

I haven’t seen anything listed @Ginainga - I’m sure they’ll come out with something soon.

I was wondering the same thing @Ginainga! I was looking myself and couldn’t find much. I’m somewhat familiar with Chicago and the location of the housewares show, I live about 90 miles south, and I am honestly not sure where they will recommend!

The closest hotel is a Hilton Home2suites that’s just .3 miles. I don’t want to rent a car, so I’ll probably book a room there and then if they have a host hotel, I can cancel. With the home show going on, I guess it might be hard to get a hotel closer to the event. I’m not familar with the city or the home show to know how many people it could draw in.

Just found this in the FAQ’s:

Where do I stay?

We will have a hotel room block available to purchase a room at a special rate. The room block will be available August 2021.