Table of Contents

I am trying to use the Table of Contents block in the posts I have been re-doing. I am having an issue where the only links that are working are H3 headers, not the H2. Here is one of the posts I am talking about - Alton Brown's Broiled, Butterflied Chicken - Eat Like No One Else

Anyone have any ideas on how to get all the links in the table of contents to click and go where they should?

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Actually I think I figured out what’s the issue. I was using emojis for those H2 and not for the H3, so those worked. So either I have to get rid of the emoji or find another way to link those headings.


I use free Ultimate Blocks table of contents. I can choose line by line what I want to show up, even if they are different heading sizes. I can mix how ever I want.

Is that an additional plugin?

What are you using for the table of contents? Is it an out-of-the-box gutenberg block?