Switching from SS to WP

Hi everyone!
I am going to start switching my website from SS to WP. Any tech tips? Any mindset tips while putting in the work for the jump? And 1 specific question, how the heck do I go about choosing a hosting service?


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@megan did this (thought it was a while ago) so I’m tagging her in case she has some tips.

For hosting there are a few names that get tossed around quite often - Big Scoots is one that a lot of people use and love. I am with Cloudways and have been happy with them. Those are the two that stick out the most to me.

Whatever you do, don’t use Blue Host. Lots of sites recommend them but it’s mostly because they have a good affiliate program. There are many people who started with Blue Host then switched once they realized it wasn’t very good (myself included).

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Thank you for the tip on Blue Host. I had heard of them, so it’s nice to know to stay away. I’ll look into the other 2 you mentioned!

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I started out with Bluehost as well. I am with Big Scoots now and am very pleased with them.

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Looks like Big Scoots it is! :wink: Thank you!


Hi @nocoast.kitchen ! I’m happy to hear you’re taking the leap. It’s a scary but very important one. I wish I’d done it YEARS before I took the leap. Here are a few tips that come to mind:

  1. GO WITH BIGSCOOTS for hosting. You’ll be so happy you did.
  2. As much of a pain as the process seems like it’ll be, it’s 100% worth the effort and you’ll likely see a jump in traffic almost immediately.
  3. Choose a good recipe card once in WP. I highly recommend WP recipe maker.
  4. Consider hiring someone to give your new WP site a quick facelift because it is SO different from SS and can be intimidating at first. With that said, you will get to know it quickly (promise!).
    If you have any questions or need any encouragement as you move through this process, please reach out! Let us know how everything goes.
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I switched from Bluehost to BigScoots and I’m happy. I was getting site down notifications a few times a month with Bluehost. I’m in the process of switching my recipe cards to WP Recipe Maker, I’m also resizing all of my photos and writing my alt tags as I’m switching. As far as mindset. “Slow and steady wins the race” is my mantra. All these changes I’ve been making over the last several months has made a difference to my web traffic and gives me hope I’m on the right track.

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Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your insights and words of encouragement!

Thank you for your response! I’m all for slow and steady! I’m just hoping I can work on the new site before merging over the old one…need to do just a little more research before ripping of the bandaid. Here I go!

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I haven’t been able to do this full time…so I’ve been working on moving my blog over from blogspot for years. Maybe there was a faster way. But, I’ve learned a lot…still learning…still improving. I’m willing to share, if you have any more questions.