Super Bowl Recipes - let's share!

The Super Bowl is on Sunday and it’s a pretty big traffic time for food bloggers. To help kick things off, let’s share a game day recipe with each other!

Whether it’s one that’s consistently popular for you, or one you’re hoping the Google Gods will shine some light on this weekend, post the link below and click on ones that sounds interesting to you to help bump up people’s pageviews. You may even find one you want to make!

I’ll kick things off and post one below.

This is a family favorite, mostly because my dad usually has some homemade smoked salmon in the freezer but you can also buy some at the store!


@taryn The smoked salmon ball looks sooo good!

Here’s one of my most popular SB recipes:


I would love to hear more blog posts that people saw an increase in search traffic for the Super Bowl. I need to get some ideas so that the day isn’t a bad day for me instead. I saw a 15% decline from the previous Sunday, including my top blog post dropping a ton. Need to have some content ready next year that would help make up for decreases elsewhere. Being that fruit is a big part of my blog, talking about avocado season would be a good choice year round but could see an increase around the Super Bowl with all the recipes using them and stores having them on sale.

@eatlikenooneelse - I just took a look at my analytics and the ones that were notably more successful for me were ones I sent to my email list and also made a SuperBowl-specific web story for. They were all appetizer recipes - a beef and bean dip, sweet potato sliders, smoked meatballs, and cucumber bites.

I did have some higher traffic on my smoked skirt steak recipe, but I’m not sure if that’s from the Super Bowl or just people eating a Sunday dinner.

I will say, I did notice my top blog post also dropped quite a bit. It’s a sheet pan dinner roundup that does really well on Pinterest. It’s definitely not what people are looking for with Super Bowl searches so I’m not surprised.

When did you publish the web story?

It was I think Friday before the Super Bowl. I should have published it earlier as it didn’t get a TON of traffic, but it did help some!

Glad it helped some. I haven’t done any web stories yet. What kind of traffic numbers do you get from them? I am already doing so much so I haven’t been eager to do web stories without an idea if they would be worth my time over other things.

@eatlikenooneelse - I started doing web stories a while ago and it took a month or two for them to take off. Then I got some big traffic from them for maybe 6 months?

Then for whatever reason, Google didn’t want to index my stories so while I was getting some traffic from old web stories I wasn’t getting any from new stories. That seems to have lifted as my Super Bowl web story was indexed within 24 hours.

That said, I know many people who get quite a bit of traffic from web stories - it’s how @LoriMurphy got onto Mediavine!

You might want to think about doing a couple a week, for maybe a month or two to see what kind of traffic you can get from it. Don’t you also have St Patrick’s Day recipes that do well? Maybe start there in March.

@eatlikenooneelse 100% worth your time! Like Taryn said, if you don’t see traction (or see a dip in traction) just keep pumping them out. It’ll be well worth the time you spend making them.

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Sounds like they may be a better option in putting some time into right now than Pinterest, which I am not spending hardly any time on right now. I would need to get a system in place to make creating them fast and easy, Not sure when I can fit that into my schedule yet.

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