Strategy / Format for a Video Interview

I may have a chance to interview a sommelier / winery owner who has a big Instagram following.

As best I understand it, if I did it as an Instagram Live the video will go away, which isn’t desirable.

The easiest way for me to record & edit the video would be to conduct it on Zoom, but the dimensions there would be more suitable for YouTube as opposed to Instagram.

Using the jumprope app to convert to IG format is one option that came to mind. Wondering if there are other solutions I should consider (e.g. is there a way to do the interview via Instagram and not have it go away.)

I’m not especially video savvy!

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IG live videos will not disappear! Immediately after recording, you will have the option to save in IGTV and post to your feed.

OK thanks! I must have misread or read old info!

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@CookingChat You could do a test just to make sure? It has always worked for me, but I’d hate for it not to work on your phone for whatever reason.