Strategy for finding keywords on ubersuggest

I had to watch this a few times, but it was worth it. If you’ve never used Ubersuggest, I highly recommend it. It is very robust for a free tool. The video walks you through a few different strategies once you’re inside:

Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it a look.

Thank you!

This was really useful. I was starting to do my keyword research now, and after searching some terms, it says I have reached my daily free limit…

Do you know if ubersuggest is a good tool to invest in, it says it is 29 dollars per month. Or any other free website that you recommend?

Thank you!

I installed the extension and now all is good :slight_smile:

I was wondering and always had this question, the title of the post can be different from the keyword we want to classify for right? How can we do that?

Sorry for so many questions, this is such a confusing topic

@Mariana Yes, SEO can be quite the topic to delve into!

Ubersuggest is probably not the best one to pay for. Here’s another discussion on here with some SEO tool and resource suggestions.

I’m one who is trying to get food bloggers to focus a little less on SEO and be more user-first. I feel like that helps put everything into place and is a bit less confusing.

As far as the title of the post being different, it can be, but should it be? Whatever your keyword is, should be the main thrust of the article (for most food bloggers it’s the recipe) and I’m not sure of a good reason to use a different title than that. Hope that makes some sense.

Also, I think @JackieB.VA has been digging into to SEO more and more. Jackie, do you have any other thoughts?

Thanks for sharing. Glancing at his site I like how simple it is to use. I downloaded the Chrome extension also for when I do my research on a topic. Great help.

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Thank you so much Bethany! Yes, I am trying to focus on SEO but at the same time to focus on what would help my readers too :slight_smile:

I just find it hard to know what my readers want because my blog is still so small that I don’t know if for now, I should just focus on recipes that would interest my ideal client and afterwards, when I get an audience, I would ask what they would like to see.

Would you do it a different way?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think knowing your ideal reader and focusing on what they will love is a great strategy.

Making a post that will do well in SEO and what your readers want are not always going to totally align. For instance, recipes that may be very popular with your audience may not ever do well on Google because they are popular recipes in general, but I don’t think you should shy away from doing them. You can still connect with people on social, through email, and elsewhere and they would appreciate hearing your take on popular recipes. And who knows, someday, maybe you will rank for it!

The best strategy no matter what will be to understand your target audience. @megan has a whole podcast and guide on how to create an avatar that might be helpful.

Bethany, thank you so much! Your answer is so so helpful :slight_smile:

I have thought initially of my avatar and really I want to appeal to those who really want to learn the basics of cooking and super simple recipes.

What helped so much from your answer is really the creating posts that might not be so popular on google! I had never thought so much about that part.

I have downloaded the business plan from @megan and really want to start filling it up :slight_smile:

Again, thank you so much for such a detailed answer!

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