Staging Site

Does anyone have opinions on having a staging site. I know this might be too techey as web designers and developers normally use them. But as you know, we all wear a lot of different hats.

The backend setup/development is just something that i am interested in.

I can see advantages to having one, just wondering about other food bloggers?

Thank you in advance,

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I have one, but it’s run by the people I’ve hired to help me with back end stuff (Foodie Digital). I know a number of people have them, but I don’t know that many run it themselves. They have it as a result of working with a tech company or contractor.

I definitely think it’s a good thing, however I also know I wouldn’t have one without hiring someone who knows about it because it’s outside my scope of knowledge (or desire to learn).

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I have my hosting company add one on an as needed basis. I don’t keep it up all the time because it takes up storage space. That probably isn’t a big issue for most publishers but I have six websites on my hosting plan. If all six sites had a staging site it would cost me more money so that is one of the reasons I don’t keep one up all the time.