Sponsorships for retreats and conferences

Does anyone here have suggestions for reaching out to businesses for event sponsorships? I have a retreat in the works and would love to approach a handful of restaurants/grocery stores about providing food in exchange for shout-outs on social media. Any tips or insight before I dig in would be so appreciated!

Hey Megan, I have organized 3 retreats so far and 4th one is in the works. I haven’t worked with restaurants because it becomes too much work when you work with a local brand that never worked with anyone. I have the same mentality with this as if Iw as to work for a free product.

I have considered working with a grocery chain but still holding back because I want the retreat to be all about us bonding, learning from each other and not worrying about brands.

For one of the retreats we have done a swag bag and that was fun. I had to tell them brands to have very little expectations for ROI because this would be a “gift” and no requirements attached.

If you have connections with some brands and know their marketing person really well. You can tell them expect little but I would love for you to be part of this. Most of the marketing people would understand.


Thanks, I really appreciate this input! I see where you are coming from with wanting to keep the focus on each other instead of the brands. That is smart!

I love the idea of putting together a fun swag bag filled with goodies.

Good info! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Megan! First of all, I LOVE this forum!

Second, I have some tips!

Brands love unique ways to work with bloggers. In the case of your retreat, you can pitch it to them that you are working with a group of bloggers and share their combined expertise and reach. I would recommend putting together a sponsorship deck (much like a media kit) with different packages and rates. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Pitch a brand to sponsor the whole thing, so they get all the tags, logos on collateral, exposure, etc, OR
  2. Break it down based on what you would like sponsored—group dinner, supplies, products, housing costs, etc. Each item can then be sponsored by that brand. This is effective because it’s lower cost to the brand, but more logistics and work for you.

Most importantly, you need to clearly communicate to them how you will offer a different perspective and opportunity for their brand to be highlighted. What will that look like at your retreat?

Hope this helps! xo-Abbey