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Hi everyone.

I am Shelly I have a food blog called
Shellyfoodspot and I want to know about sponsored content. How can I get sponsored or work with brand.

I get around 10k to 12k traffic on blog & have little audience on YouTube and very less follower on Instagram.:sweat_smile:

Is it possible to get sponsorship?

If yes then how?

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Hi @Shellyfoodspot it’s so good to see you here! Super glad you posted.

I am not a sponsored content expert and have worked with brands minimally. But! I’ve talked to people on the podcast who ARE experts, so we can learn from them! :grinning:

I’ll paste a few helpful episodes below, but the main message from the experts is to reach out to brands you use and love. Don’t give up! Reach out on IG, via email and even on FB. Sometimes you just aren’t meeting them in the right channel or finding the right person to talk to. Let them know that their product would fit PERFECTLY with your brand/audience because XYZ. There is so much more inside the episodes below, so give them a listen!

Also, definitely take the free monetization email course and this will help you sort through where to start with monetizing.

I hope this helps!!

Episode 154: EBT Replay – Work With Brands to Diversify and Deliver Useful Content Your Audience with Alyssa Brantley

Episode 129: Working With Brands For A Successful Q4 with Maria Koutsogiannis

EPISODE 030: How To Price Your Work And Build Long-Term Relationships With Brands With Alli Kelley

ThankYou @megan and I have subscribed for the monetization course :relaxed: