Speeding up mobile pages

Folks, please tell me how to speed up the loading of the page on my site ? Now its 5 sec, thats too long. I am the owner of the children stuff site store and I am making optimization by myself. I will be glad any help

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The theme is not so complicated, AMP is just lightening the weight of your page, when you will start work with this framework, you’ll just check what content you should remove for making faster your mobile version loading

Try for some articles on this theme, there are plently of them in the internet. For example, this one

It’s will conpletely cover your needs of you want to delve inside the technique independently

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Hi @zirael! There could be any number of things that are slowing down your site speed. Personally I have a tech company that handles things like site speed for my site, as do many bloggers I know.

Since it wounds like you’re doing things yourself, I would suggest reading articles from reputable sources about it, then diving deeper into what they recommend to see where you can improve. Below are some articles I found that would be worth reading through. Hope that helps!