Social Sharing Plugin

Hi Everyone! It’s been awhile. Life has taken some twists and turns! I have recently realized that the Grow plugin by Mediavine is no longer showing the pin that I specify in the edit version of my posts. Perhaps they’ve made some changes and this is no longer offered in the free plugin.

What are you using for social sharing these days? Is there a free plugin that’s working well for you? This isn’t a good time for me to spend money, as I’ve applied to immigrate to the States and am not allowed to earn US income while I’m in the country before the paperwork has been processed.

It’s still working for me, Cathy! You might want to message them—they are great at troubleshooting issues in a timely manner.

Good to know! Thanks, Liz! I will message them.

Liz, do you have the paid version? Maybe I did and it has expired. I don’t see a way to message them without it.

Hi, Cathy, They are my ad network, so I don’t think I paid for it—but try this: How To Reach Mediavine Support. If you ever have any questions, need help, or just want to say hello - the best way to reach us is by emailing

Hi Cathy,

I also use the free version of Grow. But I don’t remember ever having the option to specify a pin (or anything) in the edit version of a post.

Your thinking about a paid plugin that expired might be spot on.

I’m also interested to see what other people (not on Mediavine ads) are using.

So, I’ve found that specifying a Pinterest image is not available on the free version of Grow if you are not a member of the Mediavine network. I have installed Scriptless Social Sharing. It’s a free plugin recommended by Grayson at iMark Interactive. It allows me to set a Pinterest image in the sidebar of each post editor. The downside is that I need to go back through old posts and insert them individually. I had lost them anyway with whatever happened to the Grow plugin. Fortunately, they are already labeled and set up with alt text, etc. in my media library.


Thanks for letting us know - there might be more people wondering about that!