Social sharing ideas & foodgawker?

I have not submitted to foodgawker in ages. I usually get excepted for a post but didn’t see much traffic from them so I kinda forgot about them. I’m trying to do better as I update all my site’s posts at sharing places. I always do Pinterest, Yummly, & my FB page but am looking for some new traffic generating platforms. I have sorta given up on IG to generate traffic,. Anyway, have y’all seen a good return from foodgawker in the past year? Any other ideas where to share this is worth the effort?
Thanks, y’all!

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@Ginainga I am 100% with you on not seeing much action from Foodgawker/Tastespotting. We do still enter submissions to both places (my VA does them in batches), but I often consider stopping. I just peeked at my analytics and I got 112 clicks from Foodgawker in the past month. Not great!!! I’d be curious to hear what other bloggers say and what they’re seeing!

As a new blogger, I would have to say that Foodgawker was worth my time. I’ve had a few people email and sign up for Newsletter who have said that they found me on Foodgawker, so in that case it was definitely worthwhile. I am in the habit now of uploading to them when I create a new post and it certainly gives it a short bost - like around a few hundred at times. I also find that once you accumulate a ‘portfolio’ you can get multiple page clicks when someone views your entire profile. I also see my images when I search for my recipe in Google, click Images - and I think every little bit helps :slight_smile:


Welcome @Shes_Not_Cookin and those are all great points! It really doesn’t take a lot of time to do, so it can’t hurt (which is why I still keep on chuggin’ with it, too!).

your right every little bit helps. I just need to make it into a step to do after creating a new post.