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What are people using for social media scheduling? Is anyone using the paid version of Buffer? And if so, is it worth it?

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@jennifer I’m curious to see what others say! I’m trying to transition OFF Tailwind, so started using the free version of Buffer as I figure out what I want to use. Buffer is fine, but seems to glitch once in a while with time zones.

Well, I switched to pinning manually a couple of years ago and I haven’t noticed any difference in my pin stats.
I’m just using Buffer for Facebook and I love it because it’s so easy.
But I need to be able to schedule out more than ten at a time.
But I think I could get the paid version of Planoly and really pay less and get more features, like scheduling out my instagram feed.
So many options!

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I have been using one called recurpost for Facebook. It runs on autopilot once you set it up. Also have used Creator Studio for it.

For Instagram, I have used Plann, Planoly, and Creator Studio (all free versions). The first two are nice since you get the ability to schedule stories, but it will alert you on your phone to post. With creator studio, you can schedule everything and it will auto-post for you.

For Pinterest I have been using Tailwind, honestly, I haven’t noticed that much change in my numbers. I pin the first one directly uploading to Pinterest and schedule from there on Tailwind. For me, it reverts to convenience.

Another one I have tried is Meet Edgar. I really enjoyed it but it’s quite expensive, so not a choice for me now.


Thanks for all these suggestions! Is there a free version of Recurpost? It looks like just what I’m looking for but I only see the $20 a month version.
I thought I had to have higher numbers to use Creator Studio for Facebook but it looks like I’m mistaken.

My understanding that recurpost has a free version, which is the one I’m using. On top of the page, you get the sign-up free option.

Creator Studio comes by default if you have a Facebook page and/or an Instagram account.

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Anyone use CoSchedule? That’s one I hear a lot of. Also HootSuite is another…

I have just been posting natively within each platform. It’s still in my to-do to find a way to automate posting.

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I used Hootsuite for quite a while and liked it. They have a free version and that was all I ever needed. I recently quit using it because I’ve just been posting within each platform manually. I’ve tried so many schedulers and they all have their pros and cons.

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Thanks Katie. I really want to get something where I can batch upload posts for a month and not have to mess with it again.

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There is a scheduling option in a social media account like Twitter. I have used the only the free version of Buffer to schedule my social media posts. As i think its paid version will be definitely worth it. Go for it.

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