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I’m planning to create an amazing guide covering everything about how to create the best categories on your food blog. (Especially on WordPress.) For example, should a category be dinner vs. supper vs. a specific food group. That’s what I’ll answer and more! :wink:

If you have any questions, insights, or resources, let me know below so I can include it. Thanks!!


I would like a section in there about updating an older blog’s categories without being penalized by google. For example, will changing my “main entree” to suppers change how google sees me? Also, I always wondered if we should pick categories with the highest ranking keywords. Suppers = vol. 31,000 vs the main entree = vol 590.
How does it affect your SEO if you move a post from one category to another? Like, move it from suppers to a more narrow one like beef.
these are just some questions I would like to learn about. :slight_smile:

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@BethanySmith Sounds like a great guide. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

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