Side dishes for swordfish / grilled swordfish

I’m doing a roundup of side dishes for swordfish. If you’ve got one to share please include a sentence or two about why it’s a good match for swordfish.

Also, if you happen to have a great grilled swordfish recipe, I would consider adding it to my existing roundup, which does quite well this time of year. 16 Best Grilled Swordfish Recipes Plus Wine Pairing Suggestions | Cooking Chat

Hey - I’ve never tried swordfish! What is it like - similar to another fish? Sounds interesting! We don’t live near the coast so we don’t eat a lot of fish. Sounds like a great meal!

However, it sounds like a hearty mild fish from what I’m reading online. A little spice to counter it’s mildness would be good in this crock pot Hot Corn Dip! The texture is delicious and could even be served on on the fish.

Hi Melissa–swordfish is one of my favorites! Actually the first thing I tend to compare it with is chicken. It is pretty mild on its own and can benefit from flavorful accompaniments. Comparing to other fish, salmon is one that comes to mind in that it is meatier than lighter white fishes like haddock or bass.

The dip sounds tasty, thanks!