Side Dishes for Fajitas

Looking for side dishes for fajitas to be included in a roundup post!

One caveat… all recipes must be GLUTEN-FREE! (Not just easily substituted.)

I’ll be adding a link to your recipe, image, and description. If you’d like to add a couple of sentences about your recipe that would be great!

I already have:

  • basic/easy guacamole
  • restaurant-style salsa
  • corn salsa

Looking for:

  • Mexican Rice &/or Cilantro Lime rice
  • Beans
  • Anything else you’ve got that would go great with fajitas!

Also if anyone has a great shrimp, steak, or another type of fajita recipe (not chicken, have that), I could add those links as well, but those will just be linked naturally in the text.

Thank you!

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Here are a few ideas!

Make your own taco sauce recipe to use in a variety of Mexican dishes, such as tacos, burritos and taco salads. Ditch the store-bought version so you know EXACTLY what goes inside! Make homemade taco sauce with a handful of ingredients and in just a few minutes!

This spicy bean salsa recipe is fresh, zesty, delicious and great for parties. It is also the perfect food to have hanging out in your fridge all week for lunch wraps, salads or to top grilled chicken with.

Thanks @megan! I included your bean salsa recipe! Looks tasty!

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The roundup looks great! Thanks for including me! We’ll share it in our newsletter and on FB.

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That would be wonderful! Thank you!

Instant Pot Mexican rice :slight_smile: