Should I focus on new content or old content?

I’m in the process of turning my hobby blog into a blog I can base a career on. Because it was a hobby, the pictures and layout of the recipe posts are not the greatest. I just upgraded the layout and purchased my first DSLR to get more serious in photography. Should I work on my current content in making that better since my recipe count isn’t super high? (SEO which I still need help on understanding fully, writing, and pictures)

Or should I focus on new content implementing the things I was going to do to the old content?

This definitely would have been a great idea to take up while I was out of work due to the pandemic (kicking myself now over that). I’m now back at work with 40+ hours of my time a week focused on that. So my new posts will be lower than they probably should be.

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Personally I would work a bit on some of the older posts, while trying to put out newer ones. I know consistency is usually the key to posting new content, but working full time doesn’t give you a lot of extra time to do new recipes. Maybe aim to redo 2 posts a week if possible, or even 1 a week. You need to shoot some pics and may need to rewrite a little bit if you don’t like they way you wrote it in the beginning, but it is already published so shouldn’t take quite as much as ones you have to create, experiment, shoot and write.

You also do want some new content as well, but I think redoing older ones will definitely benefit you.

And don’t kick yourself for not doing it during the pandemic, many of us were not in the same state of mind we usually would be in. I was less productive too, it was just a lot of stress for everybody.

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Definitely older post. I have hired Morgan Wieboldt and she has me doing my old content. I also do one new post a week though to link all my old content together.
This is the podcast show:
I was on a call with her today working on Oct. content plan and mentioned you. If you want call her and talk to her. She does a consult call for free. Tell her Gina Dickson mentioned you to her today.
Her site is:

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How many recipes do you have up?

I generally agree with focusing on fixing the old ones, but if you have less than 20 or so AND are still learning a lot, you might want to still focus on new ones for a bit and learn as you go.

Then you can make a plan for in a few months to go back and adjust the old ones. I wouldn’t want you to spend a bunch of time adjusting old content now and then really soon feel like you needed to go back and adjust again with all the new knowledge/skills you have

Just make sure to keep making improvements for any new ones – don’t hold on to old bad habits.

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Thank you @thekitchenandalatte for the advice! I think I may work on the older recipes for now because of the time constraint. I really only have the weekends to work with and with fall coming, I don’t get much daylight if I want to use natural light for new photos.

@Ginainga thank you for tagging a podcast episode for me to listen to. I’m going to play it tomorrow while I’m at my desk at work. Thank you for mentioning me to her! I will definitely look into that because I want to absorb all the knowledge and advice I can.

@BethanySmith I have about 40 recipes I believe. I want to still try to tie in some new recipes as well but I know I won’t be consistent with new posts because of work. Because I won’t be able to be consistent with new posts I figured maybe I can try and improve the older recipes (recipe cards, figure out keywords for search, etc) to maybe increase my traffic in the meantime. I don’t know if that’s how it works but it sounds like a good starting plan in my head lol