Shopping Lists

Has anyone created grocery shopping lists to download either as a freebie or paid?

This type of content is something as a user I love. I like it when things are made super simple like that and I’m told exactly what to do :slight_smile: So, I think it’s a great idea. I’ve seen some around but it’s not super common. I’d say freebie if it’s pretty basic. Possibly paid if it’s more like a meal plan too!

The one I am working on gives tips on buying each ingredient for Thanksgiving, a calendar showing how early you an buy something (example a fresh turkey 5 days before Thanksgiving) and it has a shopping list that comes that can be printed out as 1 page or 2 page if you want to write bigger.

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I haven’t made a shopping list but it is on my list of freebies to make for my blog along with menu plans or a series of recipes to go along with the list.

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