September Focus: Prepping for Q4

Our goal is to have a focus or theme for each month. We will organize much (but not all!) of our content around it.

So, our focus for September is “Prepping for Q4”. You can find some great resources in our content bundle, including ones from Jason Logsdon, who will also be our Live Chat Q&A guest this month.

We also have several amazing podcast episodes going live this month on the topic too.

(BTW, our focus for October will be Pinterest!)

But, I really want to hear from you.

:ear:t3: What questions do you have? What’s worked before? What are you already working on already for Q4 prep? Let’s hear all of it!

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I’m working on the categories of my website that trend in Q4. I’m really pushing, trying to get my editorial schedule finished as quickly as I can.

I was recently rejected by SheMedia and it dampened my resolve. I’m trying to push through that disappointment

I’ve been working on this website for 10 months and no income. I have to get some income coming in before my savings runs out so I had to get my head back in the right place.

I always knew that I would have to work hard but I expected to be able to do some freelance work while the site was growing. Covid happened and that didn’t work out.

It’s fairly terrifying so I try to just keep my head in the game. :slight_smile:


You’ve got this, @24bite …Keep in mind this is a loooooong game, but I definitely understand that disappointment can easily settle in.

Until the money starts coming in, could you provide a service to food bloggers such as creating Pinterest pins (I know how much you love this!)? Sometimes I feel like taking the focus off the numbers allows things to grow more quickly. A watched pot boils not, right? :laughing:


Thanks, Megan! I’ve got this on my list. I’m also going to start selling crochet designs again (just sold one this morning) and I opened up an etsy shop to sell jewelry designs. I know we’re doing really well with 16K pageviews per month in less than a year but, I’m going to have to bring in some money somehow. Nearly a year with no income is scary. Thank you for the encouragement. You caught me at a moment of anxiety last night. :slight_smile:

Since my blog is less than a year old, I’m excited to write new content going in Q4. Any words of wisdom for someone just starting out? How far ahead do you try to post so the content is already available before each holidays hit? For example, I want to write up Halloween cake pops. Is early September to early or just right for that?

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@24bite I totally get all that frustration. Glad to hear you have a few other options you can start doing. I was just reading notes from the podcast episode with Maria Koutsogiannis and kept thinking about your post. She just has a lot of encouragement in there about trying to pivot and keeping with it. It always surprises me how long it takes to get something off the ground.

@FancyApron I’d totally do Halloween cake pops now! You can put it on your blog, make sure it’s on Google and Pinterest and then wait a bit to really push on social. Although, I think this year especially people are going to be wanting holiday content even earlier than normal.

Also, check out the “Hack the Holidays” download in this month’s content bundle, it addresses this exact question for all the holidays year-round.

I would recommend getting started ASAP.

I have found myself especially with Q4 content that I don’t really start seeing a post get going until the following year.

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What I have done to prepare so far

I am using SEMRush so I have looking at where posts are ranking and for what keywords so I can update old content.

We cooked a turkey during quarantine. I came up with some new leftover turkey recipes that I have all the photos done for, just need to put the words in and publish.

Last year, I re-did all my Thanksgiving categories and add content to the each category page, so I’m excited that is already finished.

Since I did a lot of new content last year, and since I will be on the road during this season, I will probably be mainly doing tweaks on old content from here.

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Tailwind just announced today that they are offering Tailwind Create to help make the pins. This should save so much time for us.


I used Google analytics to find my top 20 posts for Q3 and Q4 and went through and optimized those so that I’m getting the full potential out of them. Tried to make sure all of them had a video as well.

One thing I really focused on last year was what I actually want to make. For example I went through and wrote out a Thanksgiving menu that I would actually make and all of the classic staples and made those last year for Thanksgiving. My stuffing recipe is still number one even through odd months like the summer :laughing:.


That’s a great idea, especially making sure each have their own video.

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@thegirlwhoate I’ve been working through my top posts from last year Q4, too. I love the idea of creating staples based on your ideal Thanksgiving menu!