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I wanted to open up a thread about SEO. I know it’s always a VERY popular topic :wink:

So, drop below your favorite SEO resources (books, courses, blog posts and more).

Here are four fabulous podcast episodes from EBT on SEO:

Episode 018: Black Hat SEO with Nicole Hampton
Episode 029: Modern SEO: Revitalize old content for a nice blog boost with Melissa Riker
Episode 038: Improve your SEO strategy with Emma Christensen
Episode 053: How to improve SEO on a well-established blog with Liz Berg

(@megan add more if I missed some!)

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I don’t make enough to merit SEMRush but I really like using HOTH for all my key word research before I create a post title. It’s tools are free for the amount of times I use it in a month.
also use the Google suggestions after I type in a topic. I try to make the top few google questions my H2 and H3 titles through out.

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I’ve been on an SEO learning hype recently myself, trying to teach myself things beyond the basic SEO tips you see flying around, and I found Debbie’s eBooks on this super helpful. (Referral link, but I actually bought them myself!)

She gets like over 600,000 pageviews a month and a huge percent of that is just organic traffic - which is insane and incredibly motivating.

I also finally invested in a keyword research tool - Keysearch - and it changed the game for me!


I’ve heard great things about Keysearch. Perhaps that should be my next step.

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@Ginainga, I’ve never heard of Hoth before, thanks for that suggestion.

Has anyone done the Hashtag Jeff course/membership?

I recently learned about Productive Blogging. She has a ton of great resources and I’ve heard wonderful things about her SEO Jumpstart course!


I’ve just started following her, too! She has a nice little free course where she shows how to do some SEO research with free tools.


I bought her just start SEO program and it is great. She is a wealth of info and has a great FB page as well


That’s great! I think I’m going to buy it this month as well :slight_smile:

I must have listened and read more SEO stuff than my Chiropractic textbooks when I was in Chiropractic school.

Can’t someone just do it for me? #halfkidding

I might have to do Casey Markee’s mini audit for him to “scream” at me for doing it all wrong.

Has anyone done his audit? Did it help?

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@drkarenslee Here’s another thread on here about other SEO audit options besides Casey!