Self Care November!

It’s officially November, which means it is self care month within the EBT community (& podcast, too)!

Self care is such a biggie, as you might already know. I have a long-standing history with avoiding self care because I thought I didn’t need it. I thought I was immune to burnout and that I could take my blog to the next level by just WORKING ALL THE TIME. All that did was destroy my relationships, make me crabby and it resulted in a LESS productive me and a business that was literally unable to break through to that next level.

It took me so long to figure this out, but self care is the key to breaking through to the next level!

I’m still a work in progress. Just last week I reached near-burnout stage once again so I’m pulling back the reigns this week. In the overall big picture, I take so much better care of myself now than I did even 1 or 2 years ago. I stop working at 5pm NO MATTER WHAT, I hang out with my family every night (I used to retreat to the basement to sneak in a little extra work), I no longer check email on my phone, I avoid Facebook and I journal/meditate/breathe/JUST SIT every single day.

This has changed things for me personally, but it has also done so many good things for my business. When I cleared out space for good things (smart mentors and peers, money, opportunities) to enter, THOSE THINGS ENTERED. It sounds way too simple, but it for-real works.

Will you commit to self care this month along with me? Because I need it right now, too. We need to do this for US and also so our businesses can thrive in a new way. Plus, there’s just so much uncertainty swarming around us, so I feel extra passionately that we need to be really really gentle with ourselves in order to ring in 2021 with our sanity still intact.

:medal_sports: If you’re a member inside the EBT community, you have access to incredible self care resources so be sure to check those out (November content bundle). Tomorrow (Tues, 11/3) we are starting a self care challenge inside the community, as well. It’s very gentle and doable, so I hope you don’t see it as “just another thing.” It’ll help, I promise. :medal_sports:

:raising_hand_woman: Comment and tell me you’re with me! Here’s to US! :confetti_ball:

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Thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us! Ugh, it feels like a big commitment even though I know it’s not. I’ll commit to doing your challenge :slight_smile: And trying to focus on doing LESS rather than more during this season.

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Yay @BethanySmith …so glad you’re IN! :heart: