Seeking podcast guests!

I’m launching a new podcast in June, “Cook Local, Eat Local”! Have been thinking about doing a podcast for awhile and now taking the plunge, @megan’s championing of the idea definitely encouraged me.

This is an interview based podcast providing listeners with inspiration, tips and recipes for enjoying more local food and drink. We will also touch upon the benefits of eating local food – for our health, the local community and sustainability. Roughly 1/2 of the episodes in season one will focus on items in my CSA local produce share for the week, and I will brainstorm with guests about recipes and other tips for using what I have available.

Show notes will include links to recipes and other resources suggested by guests, and for now, will be hosted on my existing website, Cooking Chat. (DA 42)

If you’re interested in being considered as a guest, please fill out this Google form:

I have a slot open for the “Celebrating the 4th with local food” episode and some other openings as the summer progresses.



SO excited for you @CookingChat !

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So excited! congrats! This is something I have wanted to do for a while :slight_smile:

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So glad you decided to go for it - I could hear the energy and excitement you had for it in your interview with Megan!

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Thanks! Looking forward to getting started with it!

Good luck! I love the theme of the podcast. Great idea! Be sure to let us know the date of your first episode!

Thanks! Aiming for June 23 launch, will post here when it is live!

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This is so exciting! You have the best voice, and I LOVE your topic!

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Aww, thanks Amy! Looking forward to!