Salsa? Homemade tortilla chips?

Looking to round out an enchilada sides post. Anyone have a good, basic tomato salsa recipe? Homemade tortilla chips? If so please let me know!

Not sure if this is quite what you’re looking for but feel free to use if it fits!

I have two salsa recipes that I love!

Thanks Katie! I used it in this roundup What To Serve with Enchiladas - 15 Best Sides | Cooking Chat

How about salsa and guac? :slight_smile:

I had already posted my roundup by the time I saw this, but I added a link to your easy salsa in this post for Mexican Dip.

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Thanks Megan! I actually wrapped up the roundup, but the spicy salsa would work well in a turkey chili recipe I have that calls for black bean salsa. I will make a note to add it next time I am in that one!

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@CookingChat Awesome!!

Thanks @CookingChat! I’ve already pinned and shared!

hi, Chipotle Salsa looks delicious and simple to like and I will try this one. Thanks for sharing.


It’s so easy and so good! We make a batch almost every week!

Your post about link swapping reminded me to add a link to your salsa recipe in my black bean turkey chili! Just did that Easy Black Bean Turkey Chili | Cooking Chat

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Awesome, thank you!! @CookingChat