ROI for outsourcing Pinterest?

Came across someone in another forum offering Pinterest management services for $100/month, including 75 pins, creating pins for new content, etc.

Pinterest is a distance #2 for me in terms of traffic, after search. I have a handful of pins that drive nice steady traffic, but most don’t do much. Thinking it could be worth trying the service. But curious what others have experienced in terms of outsourcing pinterest, what kind of return you have seen, etc.

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@CookingChat As far as ROI goes, Pinterest is so volatile right now that I think it would be really hard to gauge that. My viewpoint is that by removing Pinterest management from your plate you open up time and energy to work on other things that you KNOW will produce results.

Is there a minimum commitment or can you try it for a month and see how it goes?

I agree with @megan that outsourcing Pinterest for me has more to do with opening up time to do other things than really gaining a lot of Pinterest traction.

Does the $100 include scheduling? If so, that’s a pretty good deal IMO. But I’d also look at whether the person has positive testimonials. Or if you could reach out to a current client to see how it’s been going.


Yes, it does seem worth trying at this pricing!