Roast beef sides -- targeted needs

Hi there–I’m working on a roast beef sides roundup. I’ve begun gathering recipes via a Facebook group, and am looking to round things out with a few specific requests. Please let me know if you have a recipe for one or more of the following that’d go with roast beef (do follow links, permission to use an image implied, etc)

-basic dinner rolls (don’t need corn bread or yorkshire pudding!)
-baked potatoes (I could use either a basic “how to bake a potato” or a more spruced up baked potato…but probably not so loaded that it’s a meal unto itself!)
-grain dishes that could be an alternative to potatoes (preferably one you’ve had with beef)
-perhaps a green salad or two…I don’t need arugula or romaine.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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Some options!


Thanks Megan! I’m going to use the dinner rolls.

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Hi there,

Just looked at your blog, lots of tasty ideas! As a side for roast beef, I think the quinoa and tomato salad recipe I came up with would go really well. See what you think.

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Sounds like you might have enough bread/rolls but here is a garlic knot stuffed with cheese.

Also this air fried broccoli and cauliflower are great with beef.

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I have this if it helps :slight_smile: Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

Thank you for the recipe - I’ve made it for dinner - everyone was delighted