Repurposing old video content

I just had a chat with Brita Britnell from Food with Feeling and she gave such great advice about recipe videos!

You know all of those hands in pans videos you have sitting in your archives? You can easily dust them off and give them a facelift! Brita recommended recording a quick in-person intro and outro talking about the recipe and slapping it before and after existing footage. Then record voice over to talk viewers through the recipe as the hands in pans do their thing. It’s like making a whole new video with very little effort.

This is assuming that you’ve kept original footage from your videos. I just thought this was such a great idea and got me pumped up about reviving old videos that really need it.

ps. Listen to Brita’s episode on Eat Blog Talk on 11/18. There is SO much great stuff about video packed in!