Repurposing content for Mother's day

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to be better about creating content that’s seasonal/on trend and wanted to ask how you all go about doing that.

Is it better to share a recipe that’s called something like “Pancakes for Mother’s day” or whatever. Or is it better to just call it a pancake recipe and then in the text mention it would be good for mother’s day?

I’m not sure if publishing a recipe that is very specific for a holiday is a good idea because it might do well for a few weeks or if it’s a bad idea because for the rest of the year it probably won’t get any traffic :joy:

I’m also wondering if you ever repurpose old content for holidays and if so how you would go about doing that. I.e. would you republish it under a new name? Add keywords around Mother’s day to the text? or just feature it on your home page?

Thanks so much!


Great questions! I think this is super relevant. I know @megan is a champion of repurposing content so you get the most out of it.

There’s several ways you can do it and I don’t think there’s a wrong way to do it but you can play around with it. Just like blogging has seasons of what works, round ups, SEO and the like all have a season of what works and then it changes, so you just update and republish or modify. It’s just the nature of food blogging.

Some content has specific keywords that were ranking for a holiday such as Christmas (ie Christmas Breakfast Casserole Recipe - Pip and Ebby) but then others you see more of a “holiday” generalization in the first paragraph under the title of the post that’s optimized for a generic key word.

You can also do roundups on your site - offer a roundup of posts that includes just your content. Then you can take advantage of offering roundups from your and other blogs that offer relevant recipes to round out the offerings and attract more traffic.

Your evergreen content is going to be able to be share all year long but there is that content that does best Q4 during the holidays and you can just make sure to maximize it being refreshed before then to be the best post and then share the heck out of it on all the channels.

I’m sure others can pipe in here and give you some even better advice than I!


@mayaskitchendaydream How are you doing your keyword research? If there’s an appropriate search volume and competition for something like “pancakes for mother’s day” then I’d go for it! I occasionally like adding holiday names to the keyphrase I’m aiming for in order to rank higher on Google. Melissa gave you the “Christmas breakfast casserole” example, but I have a few others like that. Instead of “snack mix” which would be really hard to rank for, I created a bunch of specific snack mixes like “holiday snack mix” and “Valentine’s snack mix” and those both do really well.

I just looked in keysearch and “pancakes for mother’s day” has a SUPER low search volume (20), so I don’t know if I’d shoot for that one. “Mother’s Day Pancakes” has a 260 search volume with a 38 competition. The down side is that people won’t search for it outside the scope of April and May, so you’ll need to weigh that, too.

That was my brain dump! :slight_smile: I hope it’s helpful!

Hi @megan and @melissat thanks so much for your suggestions!

I think I’m going to start by looking for a couple recipes that don’t rank that well and try to republish those as holiday focused recipes. My concern with republishing was that I know SEO sometimes takes a bit of time to kick in, but I’ll give it a go and see how it goes.

I haven’t really tried writing roundups yet but that’s a great suggestion @melissat - thank you!

It’s great to hear that you holiday specific recipes worked well @megan ! The pancake thing was totally made up I didn’t actually have any plans for a pancake recipe :joy: but I’ll definitely do the keyword research before choosing what to aim for!

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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