Remove nofollow links in WP

Is there a good plugin for removing nofollow links in Wordpress?

I haven’t done that before, but I found this article that also links to a plugin, although it’s a bit old. Are you looking to do it for comments or for the main content?

I hadn’t looked at my SEMrush audits since changing to WP and suddenly I have about a million (ok, slight exaggeration, but it feels like a million) outgoing internal links with nofollow attribute.

So, thinking it over, I’m not sure it’s possible to do with a plugin. Is it just general links within your blog content that have nofollows on them?

For a plugin to work, there’d have to be a way for it to “see” those links as different in some way. So that’s why it can be done in comments – ALL comment links are just put as nofollow.

If all those links are a specific type, there might be a way with a plugin or similar.