Related Posts Plug-In

I’m looking for a ‘related posts’ plug-in (for my Wordpress site). Would love to know if you have any recommendations! TIA!

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So glad you asked because this has been on my to-do list, too!
@graceandvine or @BethanySmith …any thoughts?

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I think Yuzo is the most popular, it has a free and paid version. -
here are a few more options:


I’d suggest doing it “by hand”. You can add a text/html widget and change out the links by season or to whatever you want to feature. Gives you more control and one less plugin to worry about.

I think you could also use a Gutenberg block…although I’ve not experimented much with those yet. @graceandvine just did a podcast about blocks, so that’d be the resource to check for that –

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Yep, you can do this with Gutenberg, but it depends on how you want the posts to populate. If you want it to be automatic or contextual, then a plugin is best. If you want to control it (which is what I prefer!) then you can use Atomic Blocks and add a block for showcasing content from a specific category!


Thanks so much! I had Jetpack before, but have removed it. I definitely like the idea of doing something ‘by hand’ to eliminate one more plug-in and risking site speed. When doing it ‘by hand’ is there a way to have it automatically use links from the same category, or would I need to update them manually with each post (and then go back and do it for old posts?). I’ll listen to the podcast too, my answer might be in there :slight_smile:

Sorry this was a while ago and you may have figured it out, but yes, you can choose to display posts by category :slight_smile: If you reuse the same categories often, you can save those as reusable blocks.

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