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Hi Everyone!

I’ve been working more on producing vertical video content for social media and sharing those videos on a number of sites (youtube shorts, instagram reels , tik tok and Pinterest stories) so far I haven’t found an app for editing reels that I really love, and I was hoping you all might have some suggestions.

What I’m currently finding frustrating is that the app I use doesn’t make it easy to add text and adjust timing, so I end up adding all my text overlays in the social media apps themselves, which is of course pretty time-consuming since I end up having to do it multiple times.

If anyone has a work flow that’s been working for them and avoids you having to spend ages editing the same clips, I would love to hear about it!

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Hi Maya,
Not sure if this will help you but the flowing is my work flow.

I record all of my videos with 2 DSLR cameras at the 16x9 or landscape format. One camera is from above and one side angle. I record the above with plenty of space for cropping needs.

The footage gets imported into my desktop video editor then from there I edit the main landscape video then do the 9x16 video crop. All of the text is there and exported with the video.

When I upload my Reels & TikTok, I swap out the audio to use one of their popular tracks.


@jennaurben might have some insights for you!


following. I so miss jumprope.


Besides what’s offered in the app, Inshot is also another editing app that’s free.


I record all my clips using my iPhone then transfer them to my computer and piece them together using Davinci Resolve (free version!!) There are tons of YouTube tutorials and once you get a hang of the few main tools, it’s super quick to drop the clips in, edit/trim them down, add text, and include a voiceover.

However, I do think there’s something to be said for “burned in” text. Typically the different platforms like when we utilize their text and audio functions, but for the sake of sanity and time… It’s sometimes worth it just to have the complete video and use a different trending song on each account :slight_smile: I hope that helps!

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

It sounds like one of the common themes is doing all of the editing on your computer, which totally makes sense. I’ve been doing that with footage shot on my camera but when I shoot with my phone I’ve been attempting to edit it all on my phone, and it’s just kind of a pain to do.

I’ll definitely check out some of the editing programs you’ve recommended because I’ve yet to find one that really works for me.

In terms of adding text in the apps versus while editing I agree it’s a bit of a trade-off between what their algorithms want and what’s easiest. Maybe I’ll try doing most of the text during editing and just adding an extra piece when I upload the videos.

Thanks again everyone - this has been super helpful! I’ve had a good photo taking work flow down for a while but I’ve been feeling like my video set up has been a bit of a mess :joy: