Hi everyone,

Can anyone please suggest me affordable+good looking theme for my food blog?


Hi, Madison was just on the podcast and she designs bloggers pages and has a lot of information on what’s important to think about as you choose your theme and using Gutenberg as well as a few other plug ins, etc.

Tara Klippert also shares a few suggestions.

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Are you looking for just a theme? I use the Foodie Pro Theme/Plugin from Feast. I like it because it is a simple and clean-looking theme and is designed specifically for food bloggers. Skyler, the owner, is great at keeping up with the latest trends.

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Thankyou so much. :blush::blush:

Feast theme is a one time purchase or renew it every year?

You purchase the plugin for $249.00/year and it comes with the Food Pro theme and a few additional themes. If you only get the theme it is $19.00. I would recommend contacting Feast Design and they can recommend what would work best for you. Good luck!

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I use Feast- here’s my review of it. 2022 Feast Plug-In Review - Greedy Girl Gourmet Summary of the post: The pros are it’s fast and the team is on the ball. The cons are if you don’t know how to change up the css, I’m not the biggest fan of the look! Also, it can be hard to understand the replies from support sometimes LOL (I think they’re super technical and I’m not :P) But they’re always willing to spend the extra time with you to make sure your issue gets resolved :slight_smile: