Recommendations, Testimonials

Hey everyone!

Megan drops episode #319 tomorrow and the conversation with Eloise Jennes was great!

Megan said this in the conversation, “find the people who are delivering the good content that really resonates with you. The free content. Then maybe dig into investing in those people.”

Megan and Eloise were discussing the importance of education as a blogger and how to know who to use when there are so many people out there trying to sell you a course or a program.

So, I think we’ve allllll been in that boat. Trying to figure out what’s worth spending on, what you can learn yourself. But this is the fine line - find the free content that you soak up and enjoy. Learn all you can and THEN you’ll know who to buy the course from because you’re already familiar with them and how they conduct themselves, teach, help, etc. You choose them because they have expertise, authority and you trust them. :wink: EAT anyone???

Who can raise their hand :raised_hand: and share a time that’s worked well for them?

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