Recipes and Oven

I have tried so many things to deal with recipe oven cooking and I think it is the same for you; cake, chicken, or vegetables, beans among others. However, my concerns arises in the opinion that we can kill nutrients in such temperature. What do you think?

Oven cooking is one of the healthiest cooking methods. As it requires no fat or oil, the meal is diet-friendly, low-calorie that is ideal for people who are caring about their body. This is why baking is so popular with health-conscious people.

Proper baking involves keeping the oven at the right temperature, since excessive heat and uneven heating of the oven leads to burning of the natural fats in the food and converting them into carcinogens, as well as reducing the B vitamins and vitamin C.

That’s why my preference is more often for food steamers. Steam cooking is the delicate heat treatment of products. It preserves their useful properties and flavor.

When you give up fried and baked food more and more, you love steamed food. My whole family has switched to this diet and everyone loves it.