Recipe Swap! 👩‍🍳

:spaghetti: Food Bloggers! Let’s have a little FUN and do an old-fashioned recipe swap! :fork_and_knife:
:star2: Share one of your favorite recipes from your blog in the comments on or before Saturday, May 9th. (Either paste the recipe or link to a post.) Share a recipe that will be simple to make. Most of us don’t have extra ingredients or time right now.
:star2: Make the recipe that’s posted directly above your comment. (We all get to share a recipe AND make one!)
:star2: Then, next Friday, May 15, it’s party time! Share a photo of the recipe you make on social, as a post and/or in stories, and be sure to tag the person whose recipe you made. Use the hashtag #eatblogtalkrecipeswap so we can see what everyone created!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone shares and makes!


Hey! I’m not a food blogger, but here’s my recipe. The first person who posted (@megan) can make it!

I found this searching through my grandma’s recipes. She’s still alive but not able to cook anymore. She will be 100 this summer.

The notes about Esther…that’s my great grandma, my grandma’s MIL.


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I’m closing comments so we all have time to make the recipes! Be sure to tag the person who’s recipe you made when you share on Friday and use hashtag #eatblogtalkrecipeswap.