Recipe roundup - What to serve with Hashbrown Casserole

Me again!

We’re going to be publishing a roundup and are looking for some main dishes that can be served alongside a hashbrown casserole (Best Hash Brown Casserole - Uses Only 4 Ingredients! - Pip and Ebby)

Please comment below with a link to your recipe that also gives permission to share a photo and the link back to your site with a brief description of the recipe. (No part of the recipe will be shared.)

Please send them over by Monday, September 20th.

Thank you!
Melissa Torres
VA - Pip and Ebby

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Hi Melissa!
Here some main dish recipes that would go great with the Hash Brown Casserole. Please let me know if any of these look good for your round up.
Thanks in advance!!

#1 recipe on my blog: Easy 5-Ingredient Meatloaf. 5-Ingredient Easy Meatloaf without breadcrumbs ~ Talking Meals

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I would serve it with Chicken and Wine. They bake for about the same amount of time and the sauce from the chicken would be awesome with this casserole.

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Thank you! I’ll be able to use this.

Thank you! I’ll use one of these for sure!

Consider having Xanadu DJL Chardonnay 2019 wine with the Hashbrown Casserole. It is a good addition to your dish. I totally recommend.