Recipe Round Up - Recipes That Use Frozen Chicken Tenders

Hello! Recipes Needed!

We’re looking for some recipes that use frozen chicken tenders as the base - anyone have any recipes to suggest on your sites? I need them for a Parade magazine roundup I’m putting together so I need them by Monday, July 12.

Please comment below with a link to your recipe that also gives permission to share a photo and the link back to your site with a brief description of the recipe. (No part of the recipe will be shared.) It will be published on Pip and Ebby.

If you’re pictures are not able to be pulled as a jpg from your site, then please email your photos to or we cannot provide the backlink in our roundup. We will receive the cannot download for “security reasons” warning.

Please submit your recipe ideas by Monday, July 12.

Thank you!
Melissa Torres
VA - Pip and Ebby

Hi Melissa -

I have one coming. Have shot (but not edited) the photos and have to write the post. It’s a Buffalo Chicken Salad using the Just Bare Chicken Nuggets. Word on the street is they’re just like Chik-Fil-A so gave them a try. 5 minutes in the air fryer and they’re so good!

I know that doesn’t help you but since you didn’t have any response I thought I’d toss it in the mix. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’d love to use it @LoriMurphy - there’s not a lot out there which I think is weird. But if you don’t have it ready, it’s hard because I’m ready to finish the roundup with Parade to publish. Sound delicious - I’d make it!

Hi there!
I finally published the recipe for the salad. SO sorry - life got in the way!
Here you go!

Thank you!!