Recipe Round Up - looking for recipes that go well with sweet potatoes

Hello! Recipes Needed!

We’re going to be publishing a roundup and are looking for a handful of recipes that would compliment sweet potatoes!

Please comment below with a link to your recipe that also gives permission to share a photo and the link back to your site with a brief description of the recipe. (No part of the recipe will be shared.)

Quick turn around on this one so need all entries by Friday, May 14th.

Thank you!
Melissa Torres
VA - Pip and Ebby

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Here’s one!

Savory pulled pork with bacon, made in the slow cooker, for a hearty meal. Excellent paired with a good glass of Merlot and a side of sweet potatoes.

One more idea from our blog:

Black-eyed peas cooked with collard greens and topped with bacon for a flavorful side dish.

Thank you! Added it.

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Thank you! Got it in !

These would be good with sweet potatoes!

These Smoked Pork Chops are so easy to make and come out flavorful and juicy. Using a brine to keep moisture in, plus a delicious rub, the boneless chops then get cooked on a pellet grill.

Hey everyone - thank you for the recipes!

The round up posted! We’d love for you to share!