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With Google most recent update I have been reading that having reviews on recipes increases your ranking in the algorithm.

All my reviews on my site are organic currently, but was thinking a thread or something like this may be helpful.

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@SavingMealtime oh wow!! I hadn’t heard about that, thank you so much for that insight! Is there a plugin that you have to use to get ratings?

I haven’t looked into a plugin. All mine are organic right now, but I am going to do some more research.

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The recipe card plug in I use (tasty recipes) allows people to leave star ratings. Getting people to organically leave a rating and review is not easy, though. Back in the olden days, leaving comments for other bloggers was all the rage, but that’s pretty much disappeared.


FYI, Casey Markee said it’s OK to rate your own posts!


Google has been telling us for awhile that they look at reviews, also known as user generated content as part of how they evaluate the content. It is just one of many signals, it doesn’t mean your recipe will not rank without it, but having a couple of good reviews with star ratings can help with the ranking.

The star ratings definitely help with the click through rate - another area of optimization to consider.

There is a great Facebook group called Food Bloggers Tribe setup by an Aussie food blogger that has daily events to help with reviews, ratings, social engagement and more. I recommend to all my clients to join that group and participate.

PS. I’m an SEO focusing on food blogs. I don’t see anyway to indicate that in my profile. :slight_smile:


@Carl thank you so much for this insight and tips! Some really good info here, we’ll be sure to check out that FB page.

@girlappetit you are welcome! I just looked up the schedule and pasted it below. Dates are Australian, so the “Monday: Recipe Ratings” would kick off on Sunday in the USA.

  • Monday: Recipe Ratings
  • Tuesday: Blog Click Throughs
  • Wednesday: Blog Commenting
  • Thursday: Blog Post Thursday
  • Friday: Recipe Ratings
  • Saturday: Pin Click Throughs x 3 posts
  • Sunday: Mass Recipe Rating x 3 posts
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Thank you so much for the information. I greatly appreciate it!

amazing!!! thank you so much @Carl !!!

Thank you @Carl for chiming in! We appreciate it.

Thank you for pointing out something we can improve on the forum - being a SEO service provider vs a blogger. You’re welcome here!

I hope everyone caught Carl’s episode with Megan - it was full of good stuff!

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