Recipe carousel issues

Is anyone else still having issues with their recipes not showing (or sporadically showing) in the top recipe carousel in Google? For a while mine would occasionally, but not predictably, appear. They’ve been completely gone for a couple weeks. I’m not panicking. I won’t succumb. :slight_smile: But I am curious if others are still having this issue, as well.

Yes, I have noticed this too. Even recipes that I rank very high for like 1-3 position aren’t showing up. I can’t investigate it too much because things are not going well for me AT ALL in google right now, and it just freaks me out. Yesterday I did a quick check because my numbers have been so low (and this is high season!) and my sessions are lower than a year ago at this time. Ugh. I hope this is just a blip. It does have me very worried, though, because I know what’s after this!

You’re not alone, Melissa! I’m down compared to last year, too, by quite a bit. What a volatile year it has been!

This might not make you feel better, but it does make me feel better that I’m not the only one. It gives me peace of mind that I haven’t done something totally wrong to screw up the site. I just wish I knew what they were determining ranking factors on now!

It is definitely a good feeling to know that we aren’t alone. I hate that others are seeing devastating drops in traffic, too, but we’re in this together!