Recipe card location

I knew that’s what you’d say and I know you’re right. I’m just so tempted, ha! Thanks @BethanySmith !!

It has been 6 weeks since I initiated this experiment and I’m sad to report that the post has fallen off the face of Google. Completely off the cliff, into an abyss, nowhere to be seen…

Is it actually totally off Google?

I do wonder if some of it is because Google and users aren’t used to it being put first. I mean, if it’s the only recipe on your site, and anywhere else in the world done that way. Who knows what people think?

Did you put a heatmap on it like we talked about before? I guess if no one is going to it, that’s not very helpful though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure it’s somewhere, but not within the first 20 pages. For a while it was on page 10, then 7, then 6 for like a week.

My hotjar trial ended so I’m not able to see the heatmaps. I looked at them for a while on my home page, but never peeked specifically at this one post.

Do you ever look at the page in Google Search Console, or just see in analytics the amount of hits it is getting. If you are just searching it in Google, you are only seeing it for a specific keyword, yes? Maybe it fell for one and rose for another. (Okay, not sure that’s likely, but just saying.) Also, what if it’s doing better on Pinterest, etc.???

I’ve kept a log for this recipe over the past few months based on 3-month average position for this recipe:
51.8 - 8/20
43.3 - 11/13
45.1 - 1/7 (but not viewable anywhere on Google as I record this)

I peeked at the queries within Console and there are two main search queries typed in that lead to impressions/clicks for this post: “instant pot spaghetti” and “spaghetti sauce recipe” (and hardly any clicks)

And hardly any Pinterest action.

Is that screenshot for the past 3 months? You can change it to the last 7 days and see what it says.

So, I did find this post on page 10 searching for “instant pot spaghetti”, I know that skews some results but I couldn’t help myself. :wink:

I wouldn’t trust a search you do yourself to give you too much info, Google shows different results to people all the time, and that’s going to be true even in incognito mode.

So, I did look at the post, and the thing about a test like this (which I do think is interesting) is that so many other variables can happen. For instance, when you moved up the recipe card, the short intro description at the top and in the recipe card are the same so Google may read that as duplicate content right next to itself and make it lower.

I’m still in favor of waiting 6+ months to do anything else with the post!

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Ok Bethany, you must have put magic out into the Google world because I just found it on page 10, too, and that has been the first time in a while.

Here’s a screenshot from the past 7 days…

I like your thoughts on other elements on the page affecting it, but I promise I’ll leave it alone for a while longer. :grimacing:

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