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I know the whole food blogging world is frantically trying to figure out what the HECK is going on right now with rankings, etc. One thing I’ve noticed and I’m sure you all have, as well, is that websites like Taste of Home, Allrecipes and Food Network are being put at the top of the first page for search results. I have to work really hard to not let this get the best of me, considering how hard we all work to get those spots.

So I’ve given this some thought. Obviously those big sites have a ton more backlinks than we do, but they also have what can probably be seen as a much better user experience with fewer ads and ALSO! The recipe is right up at the top of the page, so no scrolling for the user.

I took one of my recipe posts that has no history of being anywhere within the first 40 spots on Google and I put my recipe card right at the top of the post. Just as an experiment. What do you think? Will it tank even further, stay the same or bump up in rankings? To be continued…

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Oooh, such a fun experiment! I can’t wait to see how it does. Thank you for keeping us posted!

Great idea! I also think their page authorities are so much better with all the backlinks they get! Can’t compete with that :frowning:

I know, right? It is SO hard to compete with the backlinking but I figure it’s worth experimenting with a few different blog components. You never know!

Interesting! Can’t wait to hear what happens!

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I’ve noticed using HARO has really helped my backlinks and authority. It is few and far between that I find something I can contribute to and get picked up, but it is worth it. I’ve had Taste of Home pick up a couple article quotes with backlinks and now those recipes rank very high for me!

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Ahh great idea. I have heard people using HARO but I’ve never checked it out myself. On it! Thanks, Melissa!

I’ve been wanting someone to try this! Definitely let us know how it goes!

You should also use something like Hotjar so you can “see” how users respond to it. I do wonder if readers won’t always realize there is content below, since usually the recipe card is the end.

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Hi Bethany! You’re the perfect person to be in this discussion! I was going to set the hotjar widget up on my site but I’m wondering if it slows down page speed at all. What is your experience with this?

I’ve not noticed a slow down. I also don’t leave it active on a site for very long. It might be a bit different on your platform vs when I’ve done it on WordPress also

How long do you recommend leaving it active?

Hotjar has a limit on their free option, so usually until I get to that. Haha! I don’t remember right now what it is, but, you don’t need that many views/captures to get a valid sample. Even 1000 will give you what you need for a heatmap.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Update on this experiment: After almost 2 weeks, this post has moved up about 10 positions in Google. I’m going to let it play it out a few weeks longer before I change anything else in the post.


That’s crazy! Did you change anything else about the post, or just move the recipe card up?

Didn’t change a single thing outside of moving the recipe card.

I’d give it a few more months to really see. Rankings can fluctuate pretty easily. It could just be a boost cause Google sees you tried something new, or because of the holiday season, or who knows. But over time it should become more clear.

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For the past few days it has been all over the place. I’ll give it some more time!

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Ok @BethanySmith do you really think I need to wait months before changing anything else within this post? Should I leave it alone or can I do minor tweaks? Deferring to your expertise!

The problem with making tweaks is that then you can’t actually track what is causing a rise or fall in the ranking. Even if it seems minor, you just can’t know!